Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services [Best List 2018 Updated]

Today on tricksroad we will tell you about Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services. In some point of time everyone one will have definitely received a call from an unknown number.

In earlier there was no way to find out who is calling you or you cannot even block him, the only thing you can do is to give a complain to your network provider and block their number. Some people use to find the number in cell phone directory.

Later we got options to block a caller ID within your phone, now the technology has taken an advanced step to look into any number or a caller ID. My list is completely free reverse phone lookup with name no charge. Before I had explained How to see Hidden Files in Windows 10

There are a lot of services for free reverse phone lookup services in the web and there is also application that do the same, so in this post I will list of the top 5 services to look into a caller’s identity.

The below mentioned apps or services, some of them even have live caller identity which shows the identity at the time of call itself. Bookmark this page for further use.

Top 5 Free reverse phone lookup services

1)  Truecaller


Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Every smartphone user knows true caller, the famous free reverse phone lookup application which is completely free and the best one till date. True caller was the first mobile application to provide this type of service, this works with the database and also it takes the contacts of your phone into their database if you are using it, in this way the service developed to a great extent.

2)  TrueDialer

The next famous application in our list of free reverse phone lookup services is True dialer a similar application to true dialer which is also great, their database is quite big, so you will find the identity of some numbers which you may not get in other website’s service. Unfortunately, this application is available only for android and windows users, iOS users should find an alternative application.

3)  MobileTracker

Mobile tracker is a website, which does not provide any application, but it does its job good in your computer, it provides you with the caller SIM operator, location and also name for some numbers. Sometimes it pin-points a number’s location google map. You will not get an exact location for some numbers, but you will get the area of the number to which is belongs to. It is one of the best reverse phone lookup service


Pipl is the best place to find the details of a number because, they don’t have an own database to look for the number’s detail, but it acts like a search engine and looks for the number’s information in thousands of sites, so you will definitely get the number’s location or at least a name or an operator. I personally recommend this site for reverse phone lookup service.

5)  AnyWho

Any who is a wonderful website for reverse phone lookup service, their service great and promising for all the users. You can search for any phone number including landline number in this website. This website uses the yellow page for information seeking.

Now you have the list of  5 Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services which can easily help you to find

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